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The Eco Jurisprudence Monitor consists of multiple projects and partner-projects in various stages of development. If you’re interested in collaborating, or have an idea for a new project, please contact us! Learn more about these projects →

Eco Jurisprudence Tracker

The Eco Jurisprudence Tracker maps all eco jurisprudence initiatives worldwide and collects related legal documents. The Tracker is updated on a rolling basis as new information becomes available. The Tracker serves as the central platform for the Eco Jurisprudence Monitor, with additional projects complimenting and expanding it.

For questions about the Tracker, contact:
Cat Haas
Project Lead
Director of the Eco Jurisprudence Monitor

Eco Jurisprudence Library

The Eco Jurisprudence Library is a project of GARN’s Academic Hub that complements the Tracker. The Library will be a collection and categorization of peer-reviewed literature on ecological jurisprudence. The project is set to culminate and be integrated into the Monitor in 2024.

For questions about the Library, contact:
Lauren Tarr & Anastasia Koe
Project Leads

Eco Jurisprudence Blog

The Eco Jurisprudence Blog is a peer-reviewed, academic blog on all matters relating to the rights of nature and earth jurisprudence. The mission of this blog is not advocacy, but to reflect on the rights of nature with academic rigor. The Blog was established in 2023 next to the Eco Jurisprudence Tracker and will be begin publishing in 2024.

For questions and submissions to the Blog, contact:
Dr. Laura Burgers
Project Lead



The Eco Jurisprudence Tracker requires a decentralized networked approach to keep track of the myriad initiatives emerging globally. Join our global team of researchers, activists, students, legal experts, and professionals contributing to this collaborative effort.

Interested in partnering? Send us an email!

Interested in partnering? Send us an email!

Play a key role in news sharing, updates, and outreach efforts about the global Rights of Nature movement and ecological jurisprudence developments happening around the world.

Interested in applying? See the position description and let us know if you’re a good fit.

Explore global Rights of Nature and earth-centered laws for the EJM database, producing the publication of new initiatives and development of new tools and resources.

Interested in applying? See the position description and let us know if you’re a good fit.


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